March fifth.

"Please don't blame me."
You've put yourself in trouble. With the people you love, with the person who cared. Its not her fault. No, It isn't her fault. Don't push her. Don't tell her what to do. She's not your puppet. Your doll. She definitely not your blame-doll. Stop it. Just stop. You've begin to do bad things and you're blaming her. She didn't do anything to you. She is the only person whos been there when you cry, When you needed, Why blame her? Why push her that hard? Is it her fault? No, Don't think so. She need her own happiness, Nothing more nothing less. Happiness, Is what she seek for....

"I don't love you, I'm a friend. I couldn't leave you at your worst. And you know it. I couldn't accept anyone more than a friend. Its just me..." - She said.