Hello saturday,

I just woke up and tries to fix my blog today, Its a mess. I know. Alright, I've been in the "unstable-emotions" mood for the past few days. Well, How could i not? Shasha is going away to Banting and Amir already leave Parit Raja, Faten is going on PLKN. Hm ): Do take care, for all of you. I love you. You've meant something to me. 

In the other half of me, Is. Hm. Its hard to understand myself lately, I get mad easily, falls in easily (and i didn't meant it too BUT, For real on my ex) Everything is quite difficult to me lately, The day i've felt happiness and for some reason it changed (i've fall for him twice) and he left me. So, I'm good, I guess. Sadness runs the day. But i didn't want to show it, Its weak and i don't like it :-)

I don't want any heartbreaks. No more.