Alhamdulillah :]

Like everyone said that "if theres no fortune here, today. You'll fine it elsewhere" and its true. You have to work for it, To get the best in life. when you're happy, never forget Him, when you're sad. Never forget Him aswell. The Almighty that always been there for us. A month, right here in Batu Pahat to go. InshaAllah, I'll be going some place else. I'm surely going to miss everyone after that, The one that used to be with me, That goes, that stay. Going to cry when i think about it. But, Its for my own good. Allah knows best for me, My parents know best for me. Lets go with the flow. Dear self, Be prepare for everything you're gonna go through. InshaAllah, A better person. Good day people :)x

P.s : Mom, Thanks for everything you've done for me. I love you queen of heart