Back to basic

Holiday has ended, and i'm back in Muadzam Shah.. I'm not enjoying my first day here at all.  the fact that my boyfriend doesn't arrive yet, makes me worst cause i don't talk to people much. What gave me a reason to smile today was spending my time with Faizul and there are cute kittens on the hall way. To be honest, I miss my foundation friends so bad. I miss Alyn the most though. Realizing that life gets harder by day is one thing that bring me down. I want to my studies to end quickly so i can get over this place and i don't have to see anyone here who know me here. Probably because im just horribly sad. Class started tomorrow morning and my car is also a wreck which makes me super down about it! Ugh, 3 years to go Jazlin. you can do this, and you're doing this for yourself.