Happy New Year :) xx


 Alhamdulillah, i'm still breathing today.
And its nearly 2013. 
A whole new year.
A new beginning. 
A start of something new.
And a whole lots of things to discover.
May my pain and laughter be stored as memories 
let it be as a wonderful ending
May in 2013 we will be,
Blessed more than before.
Merrier and happier than before.
Forget and forgive those a round us.
May we have our fun and a whole new laughter.
May we be much more joyful and humble.
In Sha Allah, Bismillahirahman nirahim.

P.s : 2012 have been a pleasant year for me. 
The lost and found of "Friendship"
The madness we've been through.
The pain people caused and the pain we cause on people.
The tears that have been falling for our loved ones.
For the people who tries and bring us down.
May Allah open our heart to forgive others.
May we enjoy our New Year with a clean heart.
Goodbye 2012 and thank you :')

Jazlin Nasuha xx