Forever is just a word.

*Blowing off dust*
My, Its been such a long time since i haven't update my post around.
Well. My life is like a roller coaster now.
Last night was just horrible. People keep on telling me about him. 
Every story gave me heartache. I just don't know what to do anymore.
I sat alone in the corner of my room and started to cried.
I thought about everything he'd lie to me and the fact that i still love him.
Not and inches have gone. Its like a million swords stabbed my deeply in the heart.
After minutes of sitting and think about him, I decided just to let it go.
Letting "happiness" go never were easy. 
As he was the guy who always say the word "I love you" 
 He was the guy who took good care of me before.
He was the guy who never stopped loving me till now.
I've crashed...
 I've failed... 

 The word i never though that i would going to say in my life.
Even thought i've failed a million times, 
This one really gave me the heart an ache of a life time.
 I've waited for his text the whole night through.
How i wished i could have him to myself.
And called him "Mine"
guess miracle isn't on my side. all i can think about is keep on moving.
As a girl, I would never let my guard down, 
The feeling of "I will prove you wrong" keeps on haunting me.
Step by stpes i take just to make sure, 
I wouldn't fall into the hole that could leave such scars in me.
I've had enough.