You're my problem.

Hello and assalamualaikum dearest earthlings!
How are you? So i just wanted to say to my beloved little mushrooms. Good luck on your PMR trial cupcakes! Am always going to pray for each one of you! I know you're reading this post! Good luck dolls! A very happy belated birthday to two of my best buds Amalia and Nuh! :)

Heres my problem,Hello there cute kid, Thanks so much for all the love on my desk and the loves that you made for me. Its such a sweet thing to do. and thank you. for never leaving my side even though we're just friends. But you still make me feel special! Awh-ed about it too! Hihi

The biggest one was the first love he ever gave it to me. Its cute how he make me colour and cut that love from piece of paper while hes the one who draw ir. Hihi, The second one was on tuesday. Hope hideous  is it? cause im the one who draw it, Its so tiny! haha. But the third one is the tinniest one yet lol. Yes that is for today (Wednesday) Thank you so much, And he even glued a big love on my desk *no picture* 
With a little note saying "Everyday, I will make you happy *smiley*" Thank you so much for making me happy ♥