And we'll run for our lives.

I have no idea what i'm about to type on my blog today. I've spend hours sitting here. Just look at some blog to create some idea how to cheer up my blog and my day. Going out with Cha like always bought some food for her and some stuff for myself. And i got class tonight which i kind of hate but i have to go there. 2 days left before my bis is deactivate and my phone will be taken away by my mom. I'm rushing, I swear i'm totally rushing depress this year. So many problems, so many subject i have to study more and more and more.....  And there something in my heart saying i've lost someone and i need to find it. But when i try and look back. Theres nothing here. as if theres nothing missing only an illusion. I need someone but in the same times i need to be alone. Thats what i'm feeling now. I need to cheer myself up and get back on my own feet. InsyaAllah. Pray for me x

Even if you cannot here my voice, I'll be right beside you dear x