Best friends in a relationship :)

 It all started, as a friend and he said the word "I Love You" i never really did believe in him before this. Then, after a long silence he came back. telling me that he miss me, Don't even know why even my heart says that i misses him too. The way he calls me "dud" and whatsoever names. we are just friend. Normal friends, And he came into my tuition class with his friend. and we began to fall in love again, He makes me smile whenever i'm mad or sad about something, he always been there for it. Never knew how that i can hook up with my own friend. On 1 March 2012, He asked me if i wanted to be his girl. And i said yes. And now here we are. In love, In a relationship. And stills acts like best friends. Nothing really changes i guess, and i guess i'd love him from the start. I'm sorry i never trusted you when you said those words, and the best thing is, we never lose our friendship in the same time we're in a relationship.

Relationship doesn't ruins friendship if you're still acts like best friends while you're in one