Letter to people out there.

Half of you guys out there love me and half of you hates me, Honestly i love you all and i personally got nothing against you. You don't like me, Its fine. I mean, I can't make everyone loves me right? :-) No matter what i do there always people who doesn't like about me, Well, I don't mind actually. Because i never really did try to make everyone in the whole world loves me. Hating is better than lying that you guys other love me :-) I know people always talk that i always change my best friends and all. Well, You guys should know, I never really HATE people, There always inside of me that are always thinking about them, And i always stalker them all. Just because i care, I mean, We had something before this. and i know some of them backstab me and i can't deny it. I'm a backstabber too. Honestly, I've been death threats and all kinds of mean stuff. And i'm not enjoying it, I'm sorry if i every backstab you guys, If i ever makes mistakes and all. I'm sorry, People can't change in just a zap you know? It takes time, But for you guys who never really cares about this. Than i'm just fine with it. I don't mind at all if you guys still hates me for who i am :-) God bless you x

 Jazlin Nasuha x