When love comes around,

Sometimes, There just something in mind that really leave fingerprints all over me. That made me quite insecure, That really made me lose some part of my happiness, Like its sucking the life out of me just a switch. I was hoping for the best, But what i found is just the worst, Even though i know i got everything i want, I everything i need, There just something i know i really want but i never knew how to get it, Hurt? Yes. Sometimes i cried for no reason just think about the things i never knew i want, Things i need. Times like this, I really want someone to be on my side, Never leave me. Everyone thinks i have it all. But they are wrong, Beautiful face isn't everything, Happiness in life is. I really miss the old me. A happy person even when people tries to bring her down, Never insecure and always think positive. I never knew how did i turn into what i am now,

I'm afraid of everything i do.