A girl bestfriend xx

Harini, Booooooooooooooooooooooooring k.
but but but ada yang sweet pasal harini. It all started masa PJK. hihi, kelas 5C dengan 5D campur nak main kotak beracun. But we all used glue. So its "Gam beracun" with out new PJK teacher teacher Hafizah. Shes a beautiful woman and her words are just inspiring lol. K can't talk much about her :p imma talk about the game that we're playing. hihi, After other people ask and answer all of the question and bla bla bla. Its faten's turn! hihi, So Hidayah asked her...

Hidayah : Kenapa suka kawan dengan Jazlin?
Faten : sebab kitaorang sekepala :'p
Teacher : maksud sekepala? susah senang or other.
Faten : Yes, susah senang takada tinggal and all *forget what she said*

But the thing is, My teacher asked both of us if were lesbian cause we're always be together. haha no matter what. Fights? Sometimes but we both can't stay mad at eachother, i never mess faten up. if she feel messed up because of me she'll cry far away from me and i'll hug her :'} i never want to lose her. Shes a girl best friend! I love you Siti Nur Fatin Munawarah x
Hihi, Sayang faten sangat sangat :*