A short post to my dearest ex.

Hello there ex boyfriend that i used to love and still does. I just want to say, How lucky i am to have an ex like you. You still talks about me on your facebook. Tell me, Does it make you happy to type everything about me? Making people thinks i'm the stupid in our relationship? 
The one that always makes you mad cries and everything? Well, Thank you so much :)
I hate that i still care about you. I regret that i texted you last night. But i never regret knowing you.
The best thing that ever happens to me, Its you. Thank you, for everything you've done.
Its funny how easy that a girl can call you B in such short time. If you still care like you said,
You wouldn't let her call you B. Knowing that some other of my friends are still watching you. But, who am i to tell you this. I mean our relationship are in the past not here. I guess my problem is you...
Goodbye dear ex.