Its been a month since she left. A month and i'm still feeling the heartache that she's not here. I made a couple of achievement that reminds me of her. Went out with the club just to get my mind of things, On my way to the base camp. She wondered around my mind, I keep on thinking how she'll love it here. The activities we are going to do together and stuff. At the same point i feel weak as fuck and i break down. It's like a hole that i can't even explain what. Its been a month we didn't talk to each other like always, I miss her a lot. I miss being fun and adventurous with her. I miss the way she keeps on talking craps about me.  The only person who would have the guts to tell me what did i do wrong. One in a million, my best friend, Alyn.
We still contact each other thru whatsapp, but yeah. Its still not the same here in muadzam. Come back lyn :'(