darling i have thantophobia

My darling,
I will never tell you how much you've meant to me,
I will never tell you how bad i wanted you,
I will never tell you how in love i am with you,
I will never tell you the pain of missing, craving you as mine.
I will never let you fall for me more than you can bare.
Please dear darling, remind yourself love's a risk which is what I feel like running from.

My darling,
I looked at you,
in your eyes,
filled with love,
love for me.

I hear you talking,
not just words,
you're define i'm the perfection,
you've craved so long.

I can imagine,
you're holding my hands,
your arms wrapped me as a gift,
burying me into your body,
it felt better.

Then everything turns dark.
i opened my eyes,
you're gone.
Its a dream,
or it should be called as nightmare,
knowing i can never let myself go,
from the cage i've trapped so long,
In a cage even i never knew exist.

I know that i has got so much love in my heart that the thought of letting it out, showing my cards, scares me to death, I'd would love to keep you away from me.