27th February.

To be quite honest, I forgot what it felt like to be in a relationship. Come to think of it, I'm only nineteen anyway. Real and actual lies-free relationship wasn't much there for me. But still, I forgot what it felt like to, first, have a crush on that person. I forgot what it felt like having butterflies everytime he comes around and having to wait a second for his replies. I forgot what is it that we feel on our first date. I forgot what it felt like to have the future figured out with him in every page. All my other friends aren't much of a help as well. Seeing other couples my age in university isn't as pleasant. Sure, they're all sweet and lovey dovey but I get pretty sick of it. Not to say I'm jealous but girls actually think they need boyfriends to make their life somewhat complete. I for one, am pretty happy with the life I'm living now. Drama-free as what I like calling it. Being single makes me happy. Happy that I don't need to remind myself that I am owned. Happy that I don't need to waste bucket of tears for some douche. Happy because I am free and I don't need someone to tell me what's right. I have friends for that.
But of course, this single thing wouldn't last for sure. Sooner or later, someone random would come into the wide shoot and sugarcoat everything. & of course I'd fall for every move he'd make. Then there's fights, tears and heartbreak. And without noticing, it will ALL start over and over again.