A message to my hater :-)

So, Habis SPM pun tak update blog much. Im so sorry. 
Okay, I got some ask-hate on my ask.fm. which is not cool to me,
So, I just want to say some words to my fellow stalker and haters out there.

I can deal with you hating on me because i don't even know you and you even barely knows me.
I'm done hating people around and wasting my time on things that are not important.
I've experience whats it like to feel hated and stuff and im done with it.
 I believe in qada and qadar. :-)
So, I don't mind what you're going to do.
Calling me a bitch making you feel good? Go on, I don't mind.
Saying i'm in love with every guy i know? 
Yes, I love them, I love my girlfriends, my guy friends and everyone who loves me!
Judge me? Go on, You're happy right? 
But don't get it wrong when people starts to hating and judging you one day. 
I'm not praying for you to get the same thing as me, But Allah is fair in every aspect.
Allahu akbar.
Everytime you try to make a bad deeds on someone. Just remember,
They accepting your apology is important. 
Once their gone, You'll pay the price in hell.
 Nauzubillah Min Zalik.
This is all i can say right now, In Sha Allah one day i'll be a better person inside and out.