Can't deny it. I had lots of fun today with my friends. Sadly, I can't find the book that i wanted, My feet hurts because of that red pump i wear. Its too tight! And yaya bought me a tee today too. It was a boy shirt, But i'm alright with it. Che lee got it too. Me and yaya went out to search for the perfect gift for Fikri. We bought a shirt for him! And its super nice. Hihi, Thanks to che lee for helping her.

The Catcher In The Rye book? Can't find it anywhere right now. Kind of sad about it though. But its alright. I guess. I did some random stuff with Ihsan today, Its fun! We even tried that Double Zinger Burger. Witch i can't get it in my mouth because it was too big. It hurts and its hot! But it's so delicious. I'm lovin' it. Hihi, Good day love

Well Hello December
Sorry for the late wishing!