You're just a guiltless twisted lies.

Hello Friend. You know right between me and you. There's no any relationship. Not even just friend? I though it was over, But it isn't. And it's all because of you're two faced, Your big mouth and just a plain bitch you are. You really make me wanted to rip off your two fake faces you know that? I don't like you.
In fact i hate just thinking about you.
Ops, I came out wrong.
I Hate You.

Yeah, That came out just right. Before this we're so close, You me and my favorite cousins and all. We'd turn into best friend when my cousin leave the state. We shared everything together. But sadly, We're no going to be like that anymore. Not after you crossed the line bitch.and you're lucky what you did didn't have even worse consequences, because if it did, I might just have to fight back. I'm not going to fight back because we have something before this. A friendship that we built together. Some trust and a lots of love we put on it. It was something special. You're lucky we didn't end on a worse note. But honestly, I trusted you. how stupid was I?
Pretty damn stupid.

Oh, Now you're going to talk behind my back cause i'm hanging out with the girls we used to talked behind? Like i even care bitch. Say what you're going to say. While i'm having the best of my life! :)

Well. Lesson learned,
and now Fuck You friend.

And I'm ready for the fakes. Ready to take off. Run some people over-UnKnown