Trip! :)

Hey guys! I miss you guys so much. But i miss my blog more :* Sayang, I'm sorry i tinggalkan you sensorang dekat sini while i pergi holiday. Miss me huh? Hihihihi, Alright. 11 Days and 8 nights i'm all gone. Hihi, Here's what i do.

The first day we all assembled at KLIA meeting the other guys, I meet Joseph, Janice, Jordan, Balqis, Jannat, Atika, Hannan, Their parents and all. They are nice! :) And I meet our beautiful tour guide Penny, 8PM my flight to Paris. It takes 15 Hours from Malaysia to Paris. We stop by at Bahrain for exchange flight. Don't even know why. Live with it.

Alright, The other day we arrived at Paris. And i was like. "Oh my God, I'm at Paris. Pinch me i'm dreaming!" Haha, Be it! Believe me when i'm saying the city of lights the most romantic place in Europe are so beautiful. Moved on to the Eiffel tower. Its so big! Like seriously! After the great view up on the Eiffel Tower we went on a river cruise. Lots of things that really catches my eyes there. My God! It was fantastic. Really. And the best part of it. I got to see Notre Dame. You guys know the story called The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Never heard of it? Go search and watch it baby! The architecture was amazing! Just like in the story. Dayyum! After the whole day in Paris. We all went to the hotel to get a good nighty night sleep. One whole day is not enough in Paris. I swear.

Alright! A nice bubble bath, A goodnight sleep and a delicious breakfast. Made me smile. Yes! Alright. Day two is the longest trip using a bus. Oh yes! Meet our bus driver. Alex :) I like him, Seriously. Hes a nice dude. And hes pretty cool! Hihi, Alright. Stop at the RnR there. got a cup of coffee. Yeahhhh, That's nice. A cold windy day with a hot cup of coffee on the go. Stop at Dijon for our lunch. Oh yeah, A good juicy lamb kebab for our lunch. Thats hits the spot. Haha, After lunch we continued our journey to Lucerne. Arrived safely there. Check in Dinner and rest. Tired? Kinda.... That kebab was good. I use my mom's phone to text him saying that i miss him and i'm safely arrived to Switzerland. Guess what he replied?

"I miss you too :)"

Started crying for a moment there, Well. I guess i misses you so much more than you miss me.

Last night crying really makes me sleep and i didn't get up on time. So i rush things much, The first thing we all do when were in Switzerland. We transfer to Engelberg for some cable cars rides to Titlis mountain. Which is at 10,000 ft high and the highest peak in central Switzerland. How cool was that! Its not just cool dude. Its freakin awesome! Yeayy! I got frostbite and i can barely breath up there. There's not much oxygen up there you know? :) After frostbite, Snowballs and all. A photo stop to the Lion Monument along with Wooden Chapel Bridge and i got to explore some old town, Score some free shopping time for the famous Swiss product like watches and chocolates. Nice aren't em? Guess what? I got to meet hot boys in gorilla suit. Haha! Alright. Bought the watches and didn't get to score the Hanuta chocolates. Its alright, Will find it later. Walking back to the hotel. Dinner, Bubble bath and nighty nights >:3

We drive to Schaffhausen to admire the beautiful scenery of The Rhein Falls. It was beautiful! Then drive to Germany's proudly preserved Black Forest to enjoy pristine scenery by the shore of Titisee. Went a visit to the clock factory and learn how the original cuckoo clock are made. After lunch we ate black forest cake. Wuuuu~ Niceee. Really! We went to Heidelberg. if i'm not mistaken that where i got the Hanuta chocolates and score a German guy did this to me *Look out below! :D

Haha, Actually. We both did this. How cute is that? Pretty cute. Hahaha! Yes, We both did this. Not for long cause he's on his way to some place else. Yes, Me too. After lunch at the Pekong restaurant nearby and get some souvenir . Cool right? Before that i get to see lots of guys with Justin Bieber's hair. Haha, Thats nice i guess. And me, Balqis, Jannat and Atiqah made fun of em. Kinda, Picking which one of em will be our boyfriend and went eye to eyes with the cute one. That's just fun! :D Hihi,
After all of that. We all began our journey to RheinLand to Cologne. We got to see Gothic Church. It was kinda creepy you know? But its amazing. Head to Amsterdam. Arrived there. Dinner like always, Check in the hotel and lights off! <3

The next day, We all went to on a canal cruise wish glass covered boat to admire lots of beautiful scenery in Amsterdam. The view was fantastic too you know? Like seriously! :) After all of that. We all went to Gassan Diamond Cutting Factory, May i say. The diamonds are beautiful. Women love em guys. After that, we went to Volendam for some kick'in finger lickin' grilled fish. Wooo! Hits the spot. Yes,  Windmills, Wooden clogs& Cheese.  One word. Perfect <3 After that we all get to see. Mint Tower, Dam Square and The Royal Palace. and stroll through its interesting red light areas. That night was awesome. Lots of things we didn't see everyday happen :p haha! Alright we're back to the hotel now. As always i'm using penny's iPad to online and check for some updates. The first day i'm in Amsterdam, That night i went out to the lobby without taking baths and all just too see his updates. I miss him a lot lately. Don't even know why. He's online. I'm cracked. I guess he does misses me. How cute :'> The second time i'm online. He didn't online. I waited, And nothing, Well. Offline now because it's 9 o'clock and i better get to my room. I meet a new girl there. She was waiting for the lift aswell. She a cute girl from Costa Rica. Her name is Michelle. We talk much about eachother. And then she's off to her room. Like me :) NIGHTS <3

The next day. we went on a journey to Belgium for Brussel. The view in Belgium are niceeeeeeeee babies. We got lots of chocolates, Pancakes and nude pictures of a little boy eating pancakes and grabbed his *coughcough* Haha! Nice? Hell yeah! Afternoon. We got to experience the speed train called EuroStar to London. Guess whos sitting right behind me? A cute guy with his friend. I tried to say Hi! But i'm kinda feeling shy. Haha, Oh well. Seeing him eye to eye is enough i guess. Arrived at London, Feeling cool. Dinner, check in the hotel, Hot bath, Hot coffee. Score everything :)

Damn! Time flies too fast dude. I'll be home for the next two days. Only got two nights and a day in London. Got a new bus driver name Ean and a new tour guide name Shane. I guess thats his name? Haha, Sorry! If i didn't get your name right.Shane took us all around London. It was great. really great. Stopped at the Covent Garden and a bought a new luggage bag. We're full dude! After that we all went to Oxfort street 5 hours shopping babies. My mom bough perfumes, 14 pairs of Clarks shoes. I got a new friend too! Her name is Chennelle. She 's also a beautiful girl working at the Clarks shoes shop. Hihi, Score some feathered earrings and a jacket. Nice. After all of that. we take the train and when back to the Hilton hotel. Pack our bags. Hot baths, Coffee and sleep tight.

Well, Its the day we're going back to Malaysia already, Goodbye London. Hello Bahrain. Haha! 7 Hours in Bahrain and Hello Malaysia. I arrived at 3pm on 24th December. I miss you Malaysia.

Hihi, And guess who the guy who got upset when i didn't tell em that i was back already? Adib Fikri! Haha, Hoy, Stop it with the upset i got your souvenir right here dude! :D Hahahahahaha. He cracked me up! :)

Here's, Some pictures. Well. I got 500+ pictures but only upload these on my Flickr and 200 pictures on my facebook account :) Bye guys!